Don't sell your crypto. Boro cash.

Get loans from peers using crypto as collateral. No need to sell your crypto for cash.

Credit backed by your Crypto

Borrow cash against your crypto while you continue to HODL.

Why Boro?

Instant and secure P2P loans powered by your crypto assets, you never have to worry about selling for cash.

Interest rates as low as 0.03% daily

Boro lets you take out loans from peers so you can HODL for as long as you want to without worrying about high interest rates.

No credit checks, instant approval

Zero checks at Boro! Signup and get your loan request approved instantly.

Loans as high as 75% of your crypto's value

No credit limits, no minimum collateral. Get as high as 75% of how much crypto you deposit.

Join our alpha and we'll email you an invite in the coming weeks!

0% interest on loans for the first 3 months


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